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How to go for coffee with a youth... in a pandemic

Step 1: Put on a mask and sanitize your hands and your vehicle.

Step 2: Pick up coffee (drive-thru only)

Step 3: Drive to youth's apartment, leave coffee outside their door. Sanitize whatever you touched in the process.

Step 4: Go back to your vehicle, call the youth, let them know their coffee is there.

Step 5: Enjoy your phone chat while you each drink your coffee, separately.

In Uturn, a cup of coffee is always more than simple refreshment. It's a gesture of care and love, a reason to be together, something to make the tough conversations go down smoother. Now, during this pandemic, it's even more of an obvious investment of time and attention to the relationship, and it offers consistency and familiarity in a time of uncertainty and upheaval.

For many of our youth, the services you provide for them through your financial investments are not luxuries, and the relationships you empower us to cultivate with them are their main source of support. We will keep connecting with them, providing them with homes, community and safety (and occasionally coffee) in all appropriate ways during this time. Thank you for your love for Westman youth.  

Partnerships ::

We're thankful for our volunteers who have partnered with Uturn to assist with our morning youth check-ins. Their generosity allows staff to maintain program capacity in case of illness, while expanding the community around the youth and ensuring this vital part of Uturn programming can continue without interruption. Thanks also to those who are partnering with us in prayer. If you would like to join our prayer team, contact [email protected] to be added to our weekly email.