Nativity Escape room

We have an action packed Nativity Escape Room adventure for you this advent season! 

 Discover the mysteries of Christmas while solving clues for the big reveal. This game can be delivered to your door or picked up at the church.   Compete against another couple/family or play just for fun. 

Three games are available for various ages:   

1. Youth/Adult -Very Challenging (will need the "text for clues option")

2. Grade 3-8, with Adult participation  -Moderately Challenging 

3. Ages 3-7 - Hide and Seek based - Just plain fun!  

If you choose the very challenging level you may want to play with or against another family/couple.  There are 3 identical sets of the game available, so you could play against other teams using zoom/whatsapp or play the game in cooperation to solve the challenging Escape Room.   There is also an option of "playing against the clock" where teams can  play independently and compete for the best time.  

Text or call Aggie to book your adventure: 204 720-0097